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Residential Design

Perhaps one of the kookiest layouts we have had to contend with, our Waverley project is one part cottage, one part houseboat, one part architectural hero. The chopped up layout was created as a labor of love by its former owner, a carpenter who created the former cottage as a passion project. The bones had potential, but it took 2 very cool design-passionate clients to trust that there was hope on the other side of a renovation. And then, of course, *Bricks and Birches entered the chat*

There were a number of design dilemmas to resolve, but the biggest 2 being adding a functional kitchen space and renovating a half bath/laundry room. The original layout felt a bit like it was built in reckless abandon, so how do we make it feel intentional without impacting structural integrity? 

Armed with some killer inspiration, we came up with a design concept and approached local furniture/cabinet maker Steve Wallin to build us our beautifully crafted birch plywood dream kitchen. A masterclass in colour and materials, we thoughtfully curated a home that can transcend current design trends while incorporating bold and artful choices that don’t compete with that outstanding lakefront view.

Project Details

+ Renovation

+ Architectural designs

+ Interior styling

+ Interior finish selections

+ Space planning

+ Custom cabinetry and millwork designs

+ Lighting/plumbing specification


Waverley, Nova Scotia

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